Krios Partner Program

The Krios Partner Program allows people who have been taking photos at an local airsoft site and wanting to take that next step and start making some money to buy that new lens!! 

We allow them to sell their photos through our website for FREE meaning they do not have to spend the time setting up and creating their own way to sell. While making sure their not having to spend money and time with admin and storage costs.


Another huge benefit with the partner program is a form of mentorship, we will happily provide coaching with editing to being on-site with you helping you grow your skills and business. This also allows you to be invited to photograph some large one off events that are definitely Unique this include The National Airsoft Festival each year with over 3000 players! 

If this sounds interesting to you please send an email to us via the contact form OR message us on our Socials! 

Current Krios Partners

  • @Maverick_BTN


  • @RedPandaAirsoft


  • @Airsoft_C4t


  • @FreelanceAirsoft


  • @Koby_Abbott


  • @LukeHawkes_Photography